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DOWNLOAD: Austin Goh - 02: Wing Chun for Intermediate
Austin Goh - DVD 02:  Wing Chun for Intermediate

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A step by step guide to the basic Wing Chun system. Includes stretching and conditioning techniques, application of form, a guide to the 5 changes and an introduction to Chi Sau. Learn More >>
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Austin Goh - DVD 02: Wing Chun for Intermediate - Chaim Kiu and Sand Bag Form, 5 Changes, Chi Sau and Techniques

DVD Contents:

The complete step by step guide to training in the basic Wing Chun system. Stretching and conditioning techniques, applications and form, a complete guide to the 5 changes and an introduction to Chi Sau are covered as wells as a break down of Chaim Kiu and the Sand Bag forms fully revealed for the first time. A must have second part in the Wing Chun series.

DVD Bonus:

Practice at home with specially prepared mirrored versions of the exercises, syllabus and forms.


- Mirrored Versions Of The Forms For Home Practice
- Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic Wide Screen
- Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital Stereo
- Main Language: English

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Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: February 5, 201

Technical specifications:

Title: Austin Goh - Wing Chun for Intermediate
Actors: Austin Goh
Format: PAL DVD-R
Language: English
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.78:1
Number of discs: 1
Length: 35:22 minutes
DVD Release Date: 10 May 2004

What it's about:

This DVD primarily provides visual instruction in the second form of the Wing Chun system of martial arts, which is known as Chum Ku.


If a student has reached this level of training then the purpose of this form would be clear. It is the form which begins to allow the student to bridge the gap between technique leading to more physical movement and contact with the opponent. Although, some of this is experienced in the preparatory drills and exercises with a partner in the first form, its emphasis is noticeably different. It's an important form because its structure is built on the Si Lim Tao form and provides the basis for more complex techniques using the elbow and basic kicks

Sifu Goh shows in this DVD, the concept and practice of what he calls the "five Changes," which is known as the Lap Sao Drills that incorporates the basic movements of Bong Sao, Chun Sao, Tan Sao and Jam Sao hands. Although, note that different Sifus or instructors may emphasize a varieties of hand movements in this training sequence. In this series, the movements are done with a shifting horse, while other teachers may not include this part of the application until much later.

This would be a matter of pedagogy...for some students doing the shifting horse while using various hand techniques might be just enough to confuse them. In this training sequence in the DVD, the students demonstrating this drill close the form with them hoping up on their toes and bringing their hands into a chambered position. For the life of me, I can't figure out what purpose this would serve...I'm sure Sifu Goh, has some reason behind it, but he doesn't say why. From my experience, the idea of rooting is so essential in understanding and developing power, which comes from one's posture and root. Even at this state of stage of training, knowing when and how to root is so vital in expressing and generating power, however, this again may only be a pedagogical issue.

One of the most useful features of this DVD is the Chum Ku applications which demonstrate the utility of using various hand/leg techniques performed at the same time; it also shows the value of the Chum Ku form for this specific purpose. The basic training drill for Chi Sao is shown, but I would have preferred to have seen more experience students demonstrating this sequence. Yet, the basic hand sequences used were presented very clearly. The hand techniques used in this drill was very similar to the single hand Chi Sao movements, but, without the rolling hand. The rolling hand sequence, however, is presented in the second part of the Chi Sao with basic applications, such as the use of a Tan Sao hand followed up with a punch. It was interesting to see a man and women perform the more advance techniques of the Chi Sao Sequence which demonstrates that woman can be just as formidable in this martial arts system.

Of further interest, the Sand Bag training sequence is shown, what is particularly interesting about this demonstration is to see the application of the hands used in a double sequence or a double punch...it's not too far of a stretch to imagine that you can use the double palm strike that is usually seen only in the third form or Bil Jee. Again, this is an excellent aid or training DVD of the Sifu Goh, Wing Chun Series, particularly for those who have advanced to a significant level where they could benefit from what is demonstrated in this DVD. I highly recommend this second DVD for those who are ready for more advance training beyond Si Lum Tao.

Content Over View: Wing Chun for Intermediate

"More Warm Up Exercises"
    • Standing and Sitting Stretching Exercise
Introduction of the Chum Ku form
    • Purpose of the Chum Ku Form
    • Demonstration of the Chum Ku Form by Sifu Goh
    • Sequential Technical Breakdown of the Chum Ku Form
    • Presented in three Sections
    • Explanation of the "Five Changes"
Chum Ku Applications
    • Explanation of the Bong Sao, Lap Sao Sequence
    • Explanation of the Tan Sao, Pac Sao, Punch Sequence
    • Explanation of the Bong Sao, Tan Sao, Pac Sao Punch Sequence
    • Explanation of the Bong Sao, Fat Sao, Elbow Sequence
    • Explanation of the Tan Sao, Push Kick, Pac Sao Punch Sequence
    • Explanation of the Bong Sao, Side Kick, Lap Sao, Back Fist Sequence
    • Explanation of the Tan Sao, Kick to Mid-Section, Pac Sao Punch Sequence
    • Explanation of the Tan Sao, Back Sweeping Kick Sequence
Introduction of Chi Sao "Sticky Hands"
    • Explanation of the Basic Building Blocks of Chi Sao Partner Practice
    • Single Hand Chi Sao Sequence Preparation
    • Double hand Chi Sao Sequence preparation
      • Explanation of the Inside and Outside Positions
      • Explanation of the Rolling Hands and Developing Rhythm
    • Explanation of Chi Sao Basic Applications
      • Demonstration of combining Basic Techniques in Free-Form Chi Sao
Sand Bag Form
    • Explanation - Purpose of Sand Bag Training
    • Demonstration of the Sand Bag Form
    • Step by Step Demonstration of the Sand Bag Form
Demonstration of the Sand Bag Form Applications
    • Performed in several sections by Sifu Goh
    • Demonstration of Free-Form Sparring
      • Demonstration performed between two women
      • Demonstration performed between a man and Women
      • Demonstration performed by Sifu Goh and Senior Student

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