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DOWNLOAD: Chuck O'Neill - Wing Chun: Chum Kiu Form
Chuck O'Neill - Wing Chun: Chum Kiu Form DVD

You'll learn the 2nd form of the Wing Chun, Chum Kiu (or "Searching Bridge"), where you will learn centerline while moving, facing, coordinated hand positions, stepping, kicking and power generation. Learn More >>
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Chuck O'Neill - Wing Chun: Chum Kiu Form DVD

"Who Else Wants to Learn Wing Chun From the Comfort of Their Own Home?"

* Want to Learn Wing Chun but Don't Know Where to Start?
* Don't Have a Good Wing Chun Teacher to Learn From?
* Want To Sharpen Your Technique For Greater Mastery?
* Want to Super-Charge your Wing Chun Training?

From the Desk of Sifu Chuck O'Neill:

Dear Wing Chun Student,

Are you ready to take your Wing Chun Training to the next level? Ready to work on your second form?

Now you can learn the Chum Kiu form ("Searching the Bridge") from the comfort of your own home with this instructional video, originally filmed exclusively for my personal students.

In this Wing Chun second form training video, you'll learn the Second Form of the Wing Chun System - Chum Kiu (or "Searching Bridge") (also spelled Chum Kil).

This is the NEXT STEP to mastering the Wing Chun System - Bringing the knowledge you have learned in the Sil Lim Tao Form and introducing you to Wing Chun Kicking, Footwork, and Power generation.

This form adds new letters to your Wing Chun alphabet. It gives you new tools for your arsenal.

From this form you'll learn the core principles of Wing Chun including centerline while moving, facing, coordinated hand positions, stepping, kicking and power generation.

What Makes This Video So Different?

While there are some decent videos out there the problem I find with many Wing Chun videos is that they show you the form - but leave out the little details you need to make the technique work.

So while they show you the Chum Kil form, they don't really teach you what you need to know to master it.

When I went to make this video for my students I decided to put it ALL in there - to give you the Secrets of the technique so you can master the form faster. That means you get to see the entire Chum Kiu form broken down for you step-by-step.

You see it from 2 different camera angles with LOTS of repetition so you can practice along with the video to get it right. You get detailed instructions on body alignment, centering, foot stance and proper hand position as we go along.

You'll learn the secrets to good mechanics and power generation. I even use 2 different colored arm bands to make it easier for you to master the hand and arm placement throughout the form.

How Does it Work?

The video is broken down into different drill segments.

There is a menu so you can easily select which segment you want to watch - or pick up from where you last left off. Here's a list of the menu item drills you'll learn:


* Training Tips for Chum Kiu
* Intro to Chum Kil
* 1st Section Front View
* 1st Section (Side View)
* 1st Section Details
* 1st Section Complete
* 2nd Section Intro
* 2nd Section Front View
* 2nd Section (Side View)
* 2nd Section Details
* Section 1-2 Complete
* 3rd Section Intro
* 3rd Section Front View
* 3rd Section (Side View)
* 3rd Section Details
* Complete Form Slowly
* Complete Form Normal Speed
* Credits

The video is over 80 minutes of instructional training.

While this video doesn't cover the entire Wing Chun curriculum you get enough drills for one year's worth of training. All for a small one-time-only investment.

That's it. This is the same information my students pay me up to $200 an hour to learn!
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