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DOWNLOAD: Greg Yau - Wing Chun Power Stance Course - Bundle (Lessons 1-5)
DOWNLOAD: Greg Yau - Wing Chun Power Stance Course - Bundle (Lessons 1-5)

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Course Info:
Teacher: Sifu Greg Yau
Lineage: Ip Man -> Chris Chan / Stanley Chan -> Greg Yau -> You
Course: Wing Chun Power Stance Mini-Course

Resolution: This video comes in both 720p and 1080p.
Running Time: 2 hours 47 minutes + the 41 mins of free videos.

Lesson Info:

Video 1
- The secrets of Yi Zhi Keem Yueng Ma are reviled to help you get faster and more powerful fast.
- Never seen before modern training techniques are introduced to the public for the first time.
- Repetition is the mother of skill. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Video 2
- Learn how to balance your head and connect your head to your body to work as one unit.
- Learn to how to focus your eyes, placement of your tongue and special breathing techniques.
- Learn to balance your shoulders, open your diaphragm and strengthen your core for endurance.

Video 3
- Learn how to build a solid foundation using your spinal nerve system.
- Learn how to use body mechanics for extra power.
- Learn how to unite the body using your shoulder blades for a more solid foundation.

Video 4
- Learn how to make a powerful fist.
- Learn how to unite the body and arms by super stretching.
- Learn how to train internal awareness for effortless power.

Video 5
- Learn how to connect your mind and body through focus, concentration, and meditation.
- Learn how to strengthen your bone joints for total body connection.
- This is the preparation for Muscle Tendon Change and Bone Marrow Strengthening exercises for advanced training.
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