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Domination Line: Chopper 14

These are the models of the 14 inch Chopper blade on the Domination Line of butterfly swords.

See bottom of page for more details on the Chopper Blades and Domination Line
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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Domination Line - Chopper 14 440C Blade Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: DOMINATION v1 - Chopper 14 440C - HG Blunt
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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Domination Line - Chopper 14 D2 Blade [SOLD OUT!] Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: DOMINATION v1 - Chopper 14 D2 - LG Sharp
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More Information:

These Wing Chun Butterfly Swords have a blade in the "Chopper" or "Bellied Chopper" style.

The Bellied Chopper is mainly used for hacking and slashing techniques. It makes the chops very powerful and a real weapon can can cleave through bone. Choppers sacrifice the ability to stab as effectively. Our chopper resulted from our careful study of the best features of the blades on Ip Man's actual swords and other famous Sifus, added to world-class experience.

We will typically refer to the "Bellied Chopper" as simply the "Chopper" style, although technically the 2 are different. Many swords you see today have a fat rectangular blade with no belly. (The belly is the part that widens out near the tip). We have not found any historical blades that are made like this, and believe it is most likely a modern invention used to make cheap swords. You typically see these swords used in Southern Shaolin styles of KungFu; but we mention them here because many Wing Chun people end up with these swords due to their availability. Very few people actually prefer or request them, and for this reason when we typically refer to the "Choppers" we are thinking of only the Wing Chun version - the bellied chopper.

The Domination Line of swords was made based on the survey of over 160 Sifus in June 2014. These swords are true combat-grade weapons. These feature full exposed tangs, cord wrapped handles, powerful squared D-Guards based on historical models, perfect balance, straight handles, flipping and trapping ability, top grade weapon steels, and a variety of blade options. These swords are combat-weight and not for the weak or timid. If you need a sword to Dominate your foe, then this is the choice for you. Only a limited number of each model will be made.