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Domination Line: Stabber 11

These are the models of the 11 inch Stabber blade on the Domination Line of butterfly swords.

See bottom of page for more details on the Stabber Blades and Domination Line
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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Domination Line - Stabber 11 440C Blade [SOLD OUT!] Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: DOMINATION v1 - Stabber 11 440C - HG Blunt
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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Domination Line - Stabber 11 D2 Blade Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: DOMINATION v1 - Stabber 11 D2 - LG Sharp
List Price: $999.00
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More Information:

These Wing Chun Butterfly Swords have a blade in the "Narrowing Stabber" style.

The Narrowing Stabber is mainly used for piercing opponents. The narrower blade and sharper tip facilitate this. These blades are good for stabbing and slicing, but sacrifice some chopping ability. You will notice that the top edge of the blade (the spine) is also angled downward. This give the sword more piercing power as the tip is in alignment with the handle and wrist. This is very similar to how they made the swords in the Red Boat (war) era of Wing Chun's history. These are lighter and faster than the choppers. Our 12" stabber was based on a historical triangular design rather than using one of the ugly modern rectangles that had no precedent in historical China (and are just a low cost manufacturing innovation).

The Domination Line of swords was made based on the survey of over 160 Sifus in June 2014. These swords are true combat-grade weapons. These feature full exposed tangs, cord wrapped handles, powerful squared D-Guards based on historical models, perfect balance, straight handles, flipping and trapping ability, top grade weapon steels, and a variety of blade options. These swords are combat-weight and not for the weak or timid. If you need a sword to Dominate your foe, then this is the choice for you. Only a limited number of each model will be made.