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[SOLD!] WING CHUN WOODEN DUMMY: MasterPath Platinum Series #012 - Free-Standing with Box (Solid Jatoba)
MasterPath Platinum Series - Free-Standing with Box (Solid Jatoba)

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[READY TO SHIP] The MasterPath Platinum series are high-quality dummies made from exotic, dense, and/or unique woods that are both beautiful and perfect for hard-core training. This dummy is made from 100% solid Jatoba. The dummy is about 52kg (114lbs) (dummy trunk, arms and leg). The stand is also solid Teak and 40kg (88 lbs) by itself. Total weight approx 92kg (202lbs). Learn More >>
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Description Notices / Warranty
Free-Standing Wing Chun Wooden Dummy (Master Path Platinum Series)

Notes on THIS dummy:
This dummy is made from 100% solid Jatoba (100% WWF/FSC sourced), including all parts of the dummy, arms, leg, stand and box. This wood is taken from controlled and EU regulated sources (Forest Stewardship Council and WWF Approved). This is high quality, high grade, and expensive wood - not grade C-D cheap illegally farmed wood.

Jatoba is an exotic and extremely heavy and dense wood. Its Janka rating is 2820 - more than double that of the more common hardwoods like oak, ash, hard maple, beech, or even teak and mahogany.

This dummy is about 52 kg (114 lbs) (dummy trunk, arms and leg). The stand is not included in weight total here, which is also solid Jatoba and 40 kg (88 lbs) by itself. Total weight approx 92 kg (202 lbs)

If you want the best, then this is it.

This dummy is $100 more than then custom made one from the same wood - It is pre-made so you don't have to wait 3 months for your dummy.

Trunk Wood: Jatoba (100% WWF/FSC sourced)
Arms Wood: Jatoba (100% WWF/FSC sourced)
Leg Wood: Jatoba (100% WWF/FSC sourced)
Stand Wood: Jatoba (100% WWF/FSC sourced)

Arm Setting:
Level/Parallel The tips of the arms are the same height off the floor and level with each other. But you can flip one over if you want the more traditional setting.

Leg Setting:
Vertical The shin on the leg is more vertical and comes out about the same distance as the arms do.

Stand Included:
A Free-standing stand with MasterPath's signature equipment box is included. See description below. This stand has a custom box with lid that you can either load with weight or store gear in.

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