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WOODEN DUMMY STAND: Warrior - RECOIL Free-Standing (Made on Demand)
RECOIL Stand - Free Standing
Dummy Not Included.
This patent pending free-standing RECOIL stand takes your wooden dummy training to the next level by applying tension and recoil to your dummy. You can either activate the recoil or use the dummy as a traditional stationary device by inserting 2 metal pins into the stand. Learn More >>
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Availability: Custom Made - see product description.

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Description Notices / Warranty
Free-Standing RECOIL Stand

This is a RECOIL free-standing stand only. No Dummy included. We will need to get the dummy dimensions from you once the order is placed - this is to make sure the stand is made to work for your dummy. We need to know the following information: Longest protruding arm or leg tenon length out the back (to make sure it won't hit the stand). Your dummy's diameter. Distance you want the bottom of your dummy to be from the floor. It helps if you include this information with your order.

Unless your dummy has a hole in the bottom of it to accommodate a wooden shaft (i.e. it used to be on a portable free stand). Then you will need to purchase the retro fit kit.

Keep in mind that you will have to screw metal plates into the top and bottom of your dummy to hold the parts in place that allow the dummy to spin. The stand weighs about 40 lbs and is ideal from someone 5' 10" [EWC Note: This carpenter measures heights by the nipple/mid-chest level, not shoulder level. If your lineage measures height from the floor to the top arms be be at your shoulder height you will need to add a few inches]. To raise it higher you would need to add some wood under the stand (Plywood is probably the easiest/cheapest way to do this).

From the manufacturer:

The recoil reaction dummy stand is one of our newest and most exciting training tools we have to offer. This patent pending design takes your wooden dummy training to the next level by applying tension and recoil to your dummy. This stand "retro-fits all wooden dummies."

The way the recoil stand works, is two tension bands mounted to the lower sides of your dummy, crossed over in the back and mounted to the opposite side of the stand. This is what creates the tension needed to keep the dummy facing forward. The dummy which sits on a swivel base can pivit 90 degrees to the right and left, and always under tension. When released or you change position the dummy then will recoil back to center position. It always wants to return to the center. The base can be locked with two metal pins, if you choose to do the traditional forms wich require it not to rotate. When you want to freestyle just pull the pins and watch your dummy come alive. As with all of our stands you have height adjustment of 3 inch"s for multiple users. The height adjustment is only available for use with a warrior dummy.

The two main principles that this stand offers you is recoil and reaction. The recoil in that it will always recoil back to the center position after released. This means the deflection of the arms when blocked provide energy back toward you as in defending an actual strike. The reaction principle simply develops faster reflex's due to the fact that "this sucker hits you back." this is an excellent tool for the serious practitioner, who is looking to take there skills to the next level.

For the best explanation of this dummy, please watch the YouTube video below.

Build Times:
Stands generally take 4-7 weeks to construct.
Build times do vary based on season and order queue. We will send you an email after you order with the estimated wait time. Plan on the longer end of the estimate, as 95% of the time it is a longer wait.

Please email for shipping quote to Canada or Worldwide.
2018 updated Recoil Stand Assembly (Wall version)