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Current Specials (Expired July 6 2020):

Since it is not safe to train a close-quarter combat style like Wing Chun with the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are offering a massive 35% off all of our digital and train-at-home programs. We hope that you can stay safe and yet continue your training and progression in the comfort of your own home.

Most Popular: Sifu Wayne Belonoha's Wing Chun University course.

The best train-at-home system offered anywhere is Sifu Wayne Beholona's Wing Chun University course. This course contains all the information in his 3 books, 18 seminars/workshops, and over 55 additional hours of highly detailed instruction walking you through the entire Ving Tsun system via a 108 step curriculum. In addition, you will get direct access to Q&A sessions with Sifu Wayne, discussion areas, exclusive unpublished videos, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Sifu Wayne is actively accepting new online students and will answer any of your training questions on the site.


Wing Chun University courses on Platform Purple

Sifu Fernandez's WingChunDo system (from Leung Ting's WingTsun and Chu Shong Tin's Wing Chun systems) is over 96 hours of video instruction. While many things in Wing Chun require a partner, there are dummy drills, pole drills, and butterfly sword drills on the dummy that are of particular interest when training alone.
Sifu Fernandez's Course Videos

Sifu Tyler Rea's Wing Chun Bamboo Ring course is a great way to learn to self-train with the rings of Wing Chun.
Sifu Rea's Course Videos

Sifu Greg Yau's internal power course is a great way to train solo and really benefit your health as well as power.
Sifu Yau's Course Videos

Sifu Larry Saccoia has some great training drills to keep you active and healthy while increasing your speed, timing, and power.
Sifu Saccoia's Course Videos


All of these great sifus also have free intro videos you can check out on the platform.

Everything Wing Chun's Digital Downloads

In addition, we also offer over 1500 titles of DVDs available on Platform Purple. The links and coupons are below. You can use a single account on EWCIA, but will need to use multiple checkouts and coupons if buying videos listed under a separate coupon (confusing we know, but it is a limitation of the platform).
Everything Wing Chun Instant Access Videos* CODE: TRAINATHOME-EWC

You will also need these coupons:
MasterPath: TRAINATHOME-MPD (mostly non-wing chun titles)

* Please note that some Sifus do not allow discounts on their videos. Email us if you have any issues.

Stay safe and happy training!