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eBOOK: Bogdan Rosu - How to Build Self Confidence in Wing Chun
(e-book) Bogden Rosu - How to Build Self Confidence in Wing Chun

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How to work SMART, train your emotional being, bring reality into your training, teach you the importance of attitude, learn how to turn Failure into Success and more! Learn More >>
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Bogden Rosu - How to Build Self Confidence in Wing Chun (e-book)

- Save time and money by training smart!
- Get faster, better and measurable results.
- Upgrade your capabilities.
- Live a better life by taking Wing Chun and applying it to your daily life.

Dear friend,

Have you ever felt that you needed more confidence in your Wing Chun? Have you ever found it difficult to use the concepts in a real fight?

Well so did I! Coming from a different martial art, I had to reprogram my body and my responses. I had a really hard time in making Wing Chun work for me. I would train hard, read books, watch DVDs, spar, try and fail, try and fail until I finally broke through and made Wing Chun come out naturally, without thinking.

Fortunately, you won't have to do all that. I have condensed over 10 years of martial arts experience into this one-of-a-kind program so that you will be better prepared to face problems in your training and in your life. This program is designed to work for you regardless of your Wing Chun Lineage and will teach you how to work SMART and get the results you've always wanted from Wing Chun faster and let it become a natural part of who you are. And there's absolutely nothing like this out there. This is a one-of-a-kind instructional program.

This product will:

- Teach you how to work SMART
Add working SMART to your hard work

- Train your emotional being
-- Learn how to put yourself in the proper emotional state for fighting

- Bring reality into your training
-- Program your responses for a real life threatening situation

- Teach you the importance of Attitude
-- Attitude complements Confidence

- Learn how to turn Failure into Success
-- How to get over obstacles and run towards Success

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By buying this product, you get:

- e-book: How to Accelerate your Wing Chun and become like a Machine - value of $27, you get it FREE!
- Direct e-mail contact! You can contact me anytime via e-mail to get additional help

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