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Iron Palm

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Iron Palm training often involves three primary components:

1.) Strengthening of the striking limbs. This is done by developing the tendons and ligaments from the shoulders to the fingertips, then striking or slapping relatively hard objects enclosed in canvas/leather bags. Following a conditioning session, the striking area is usually treated with a traditional Chinese liniment called Dit Da Jow. A common belief among practitioners is that failing to apply Dit Da Jow after Iron Palm training sessions can have negative effects on long-term health, such as movement limitation, arthritis and other nerve damage to the hands.

2.) Using proper technique to strike with greater force. As in other martial arts, students learn specific body mechanics with the intent of producing a more powerful strike. Students train to relax the body and release residual tension in order to move faster. This is usually done with standing meditation routines designed to release the residual tension in the body and develop "linking" power.

3.) Engaging in exercises in order to develop Chi. This training coordinates breathing to improve mental focus, resulting in a more powerful strike.