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Wooden Dummies

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  • Favorites

    Listed here are some of our favorite dummies, pads and spring arm devices. Prices listed here in this category are all-inclusive (including shipping).  
  • Traditional Jongs (Buick Yip Dummies)

    These solid-body dummies by Buick Yip are known throughout the world for their beauty. They are collector's items and the wooden dummies of Sifus and discerning practitioners. Pick out the exact 'solid body' dummy you want by browsing the pictures online! Hurry, as the best looking ones always go quickly!
  • USA Custom-Made Wooden Dummies

    These dummies are all made-to-order. The carpenter makes your dummy with the options you specified and sends it directly to you. If you are willing to wait on the construction (often up to 3-5 months), it is the best way to get exactly what you want.
  • MasterPath Special Series

    The dummies listed here are limited edition and/or special series produced by/for MasterPath. Unique, exotic and/or expensive woods and high-quality workmanship are the hallmarks of each of the special series dummies.

    MasterPath partners with the best dummy maker's in the world to produce our dummies. These are some of the finest dummies in the world.
  • PVC & Economy Dummies

    PVC dummies are very durable and the least expensive kind of dummy you can buy. PVC is a hard plastic pipe that is used as the trunk of the body. The arms and legs of our PVC dummies are the same hardwoods we use on normal wood dummies. PVC is a great, and highly underrated, option.
  • Free-Standing Dummies

    Free-Standing dummies are ideal for people that want a portable dummy or have a small area to install a dummy. They stand by themselves and can be weighed down further by adding weights or sand-bags on the backside.
  • Unique Dummies and Devices

    Here you will find a selection of unique wooden dummies and training devices - from trapping dummies, to half dummies, to spring loaded dummies, flat board dummies and more.
  • Dummy Stands

    Stands to mount your dummy on. Typically dummies can only be used with stands made for them, but we also try to offer you Universal stands when they are available. Because many free-standing stands cost more to ship than their retail price, we only offer stands that can be shipped relatively inexpensively, yet still function well.
  • Spring Arm and Chi Sao Dummies

    These devices make it possible for practitioners to train and perfect more complex techniques, drills, and Chi Sau exercises. Training with pressure sensitivity is just as important as the training on the wooden dummy because you can feel the counter pressures and execute the proper techniques...
  • Dummy Pads

    Wing Chun dummy pads allow you to punch your dummy hard without damaging your knuckles. They are highly recommended if you want to hit your dummy with your fists.
  • Dummy Arms and Legs

    Arms and Legs for a Wing Chun Dummies / Muk Yan Jongs.