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Dit Da Jow - Shaolin - (Hot Jow) - Minister of Fire - 4 oz
Dit Da Jow - Minister of Fire 4 oz

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Dit Da Jow - Minister of Fire - 4 oz

Type: Hot Dit Da Jow (Warming sensation - brings the Chi to the area applied).

Use/Description: This is a very hot liniment. Its purpose is to open up the meridians, and to promote the transfer of Chi and the energetic obstruction while increasing chi flow and sensitivity. This formula is similar to the Royal Phoenix liniments but this one was designed for a higher level of toughing exercises. Minister Fire is intended for use only on the hands. It should be used exclusively by advanced students in the later stages of their hand training or where more heat is required. This is the superior of the hot liniments.

Brewing Method: This jow is brewed in glass using the latest scientific methods with the highest quality herbs possible. This is a high-quality jow. Most other jows on the market today are made by dumping a bunch of herbs in vodka (or similar alcohol). This jow, on the other hand, has had the chemicals from each herb extracted in the best possible manner. It is one of the cleanest most pure form of jow we offer. In addition, the jow is shipped in a medical-grade plastic bottle that does not interact with the jow (the jow cannot leech harmful chemicals from this grade of plastic).

How to Use: You simply pour some of the concentrate in your hand or on a cotton ball and rub it deep into the afflicted area.

Warning: This Dit Da Jow is for external use only and not to be taken internally! Do not apply Dit Da Jow to open wounds.