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DIT-DA-JOW: Plum Dragon - (Healing Chronic Injury and Pain) - Ho Family (Topical Pain Relief) - (Pre-Aged) 1/2 Gallon
Dit Da Jow - Plum Dragon - Ho Family - (Pre-Aged) 64 oz

Chronic Injury and Pain Formula (Ho Family Dit Da Jow) is very strong in its action to manage pain and arthritic stiffness, tissue strains and soreness from over-training; it is quite effective for sinew injuries. This is a 1/2 gallon (64 ounces) bottle. Learn More >>
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Dit Da Jow - Plum Dragon - Chronic Injury and Pain Formula - Ho Family (Topical Pain Relief) - (Pre-Aged) 1/2 Gallon (64 US ounces)

Type: Healing Jow

This Ho Family Dit Da Jow is Plum Dragonís #1 Best Seller. Containing a host of analgesic herbs, this topical pain relief formula is excellent for battling nearly all types of pain from muscle pain, to tendonitis and even nerve pain. It also contains anti-inflammatory herbs and nutritive herbs for conditioning connective tissue and bone, making it a very balanced formula to address a wide variety of injuries and pain situations.

Chronic Injury and Pain Formula (Ho Family Dit Da Jow) is very strong in its action to manage pain and arthritic stiffness, tissue strains and soreness from over-training; it is quite effective for sinew injuries. This product is not for fresh injuries but should be used once initial bruising, inflammation and redness have subsided. It has a nice balance of both healing and conditioning properties.

A Top 5 Jow:
The coveted Ho Family jow is the bestseller at PlumDragonHerbs and has garnered a reputation for its insane effectiveness across a wide variety of uses. Ho Family jow is a thick, aromatic substance and could be considered the devilish cousin of Bruise Juice. Where Bruise Juice is cooling in action, Ho Family is extremely hot. Where Bruise Juice has a mild and sour aroma, Ho Family is intense and pops with spice. And where Bruise Juice is strongly specialized in its use, Ho Family accomplishes a large array of functions for its users.

Ho Family is a very large formula, especially for an injury liniment. Its ingredients include an arsenal of herbs found commonly in both injury and conditioning formulas. It is fantastic for injuries of all kinds; it is commonly used for sprains and strains; for tendonitis in the upper body, and when training range of motion; and many people report having successfully used Ho Family for Iron Palm training. It seems to be a very good choice in all of these areas. It is not specialized enough to hit brand new injuries with pronounced bruising and inflammation in such a way as Bruise Juice, but is ideal once any severe inflammation has subsided. It is also not the best option for serious Iron Palm training, but works very well for basic Iron Palm work and is excellent for any of the limb knock and other conditioning exercises often seen in various Kung Fu schools.
Bottom line: Ho Family is a perfect choice for a strong and impactful healing any time a very specialized liniment is not necessary.

Vegetarian: This jow is Vegetarian-friendly.

Properties: Very Warming

Therapeutic Actions:
- Ho Family Dit Da Jow is a POWERFUL PAIN RELIEVER, 100% NATURAL, HERBAL and NON-GMO. It contains absolutely NO parabens, chemicals, camphor, menthol, additives, perfumes or dyes of any kind!

- BETTER THAN PAIN CREAMS and PAIN RUBS made of camphor and/or menthol. Ho Family Dit Da Jow contains a battery of powerful, medicinal Chinese herbs that have been known for centuries to help the body heal injuries FAST and KILL PAIN. Our products strongly support the bodyís innate healing mechanism, so you can experience rapid natural healing.

- ASSISTS IN RELIEVING TENDONITIS, painful muscle injuries and nerve pains. *NOT for use on fresh injuries with bruising/ swelling*

- MUSCLE PAIN HEALED FAST OR YOUR MONEY BACK!! We are so confident that Ho Family Dit Da Jow is the most potent pain remedy on the planet, for muscle pain and injury, that if you apply this product 3 times daily for 1 week, and do not experience for yourself its incredible pain relieving properties, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY.

- Amber glass 4 oz. bottle with dropper cap. We are so dedicated to your health and our PRODUCT PURITY, that our product is both manufactured and stored in a glass to ensure NO PLASTICS CONTAMINATION.

-Manufactured IN THE USA by Plum Dragon Herbs, Inc. a very trusted and well-respected brand in the industry.

- Disperses blood stasis
- Reduces swelling
- Relieves pain
- Connects bones
- Facilitates healing/strengthening of connective tissue and bone
- Safe and natural stimulant action
- Invigorates and improves circulation through vasodilation and decreasing the whole blood specific viscosity
- Improves hemorrheological changes
- All around tonic effect on the circulatory system
- Anticoagulant
- Desensitization of nerves that transmit pain signals to brain
- Promotes nourishment in the channels and tendons
- Expels pus
- Generates flesh

Common Uses:
- Bruises/Contusions
- Swelling, redness and pain, inflammation
- Tendon injuries
- Sprains
- Strains
- Varicose Veins
- Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and joint/muscle pain
- Blood clots
- Numbness
- Fractured or broken bones and traumatic injuries
- Veterinary medicine on racing horses and dogs
- Massage therapy
- Iron Palm/athletic training which requires rapid recovery from injury

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