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[SOLD!] WING CHUN WOODEN DUMMY: Inatos WSL v1 #001 - Free-Standing with Box
Inatos WSL v1 #001 - Free-Standing with Box

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[READY TO SHIP] This dummy is built in Greece by Inatos for MasterPath. Specs are based on Masterpath specs and Wong Shun Leung's dummy specs from Ip Man. Learn More >>
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Product Code: MYJ-MPSS-02-INATOSF-WSLV1-01

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Description Notices / Warranty
Free-Standing Wing Chun Wooden Dummy (MasterPath Inatos WSL Series)

This dummy is built in Greece by Inatos for MasterPath. Specs are based on Masterpath specs and Wong Shun Leung's dummy specs from Ip Man.

Notes on THIS dummy: (You buy the exact dummy you see here)
This particular dummy is a prototype, which won't be made again. The box on the stand adds too much shipping cost for our liking, so we have redesigned the box to be an add-on like our other models. The arms are 141 cm from the ground (55.5 inches), but this can be customized to your height (downwards) if you know how high you want the arms.

These dummies are about 60-65 kg (132-143 lbs) (dummy trunk, arms , leg AND stand). They are not individually weighed.

Trunk Wood: Beech (100% WWF/FSC sourced)
Arms Wood: Beech (100% WWF/FSC sourced)
Leg Wood: Beech (100% WWF/FSC sourced)
Stand Wood: Beech (100% WWF/FSC sourced)
This dummy is made from 100% WWF/FSC sourced wood, including all parts of the dummy, arms, leg and stand. This wood is taken from controlled and EU regulated sources (Forest Stewardship Council and WWF Approved).

Arm Setting:
Traditional (Left arm is slightly higher than the right - the same way Ip Man and Wong Shun Leung's actual dummies were made).

Leg Setting:
Traditional The shin on the leg sticks out at an angle (as opposed to being vertical).

Stand Included:
A Free-standing stand with MasterPath's signature equipment box is included. See description below. This stand has a custom box with lid that you can either load with weight or store gear in.

More Information:

Stand: FREE-STANDING BASE WITH BOX: This base comes with an integrated box and lid on the back of the dummy to hold your weights/sand or equipment. This keeps everything looking great, even with the dummy weighted down. (Note, if you do put sand in the back, we highly recommend keeping it in a bucket or a bag, not directly in the box). We highly recommend this stand! The boxes on the backs of free-standing dummies are a unique MasterPath invention and feature only found on MasterPath dummies. The stand is 60 cm wide and 80 cm deep. It had a metal pole instead of wood for the dummy to sit on.

This dummy ships from Greece. It can often take 1-2 weeks to ship once ordered, depending on if customizations need to be made and/or how backed up TNT/FedEx is over there. Shipping takes about 1 week to USA/Canada, and may require paying import tax (usually not much).

More Information:

Dummy made by: InatosF for MasterPath.