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Dit Da Jow - Plum Dragon - (Conditioning Formula) - White Dragon Iron Palm - (Pre-Aged) 4 oz
Dit Da Jow - Plum Dragon - White Draon Iron Palm - (Pre-Aged) 4 oz

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Dit Da Jow - Plum Dragon - White Dragon Iron Palm - (Pre-Aged) 4 oz

Type: Healing Jow

This potent recipe of 26 herbs addresses connective tissue, joints, and bones to build a strong iron palm foundation. Mildly warming in action, this dit da jow recipe opens and warms circulating channels, strengthens bone and relaxes sinew. It protects the hand during training and stimulates a healing response associated with trauma. Many of the herbs are also cooked in various ways to enhance action and allow full extraction of herbal components.

This Iron Palm dit da jow recipe uses traditionally well-known herb combinations and cooking methods to counteract arthritis/rheumatism, Bi Syndrome, and heal/strengthen bone/sinew. With several ounces of herbs such as Xu Duan, Qin Jiao, and Ji Xue Teng, this formula is designed for iron palm/body training and very popular with customers for counteracting arthritic problems.

Appropriate for beginner and intermediate levels of iron palm training, and sufficient for use with any striking medium prior to steel/lead shot.

Properties: Mildly Warming

How to Use:
  • After liberally apply jow into your palm. Place your palm over the desired area and massage the liquid into the skin. New injury favors light consistent massage. Old injuries respond favorably with a deeper, harder massage. Repeat 2-3 times daily for best results.
  • For conditioning such as Iron Palm or limb knocking, applying before *and* after your workout can stop bruising from occurring.
  • Use your Dit Da Jow to help aid in the recovery of bone, muscle, and tissue bruises, soreness, joint and tendon pain/swelling, muscle spasms, relief of pain and inflammation, and in the healing process and immune system response of bone, muscle, joints, and tendon.
Many products on the market are only aged long enough to make usable. Plum Dragon Herbs’ dit da jow products are aged up to 18 months in dark, climate controlled environments. Bottles have hand written dates designating when your jow was made. And because we bottle jow on a “per-order” basis, batches keep aging beyond the formal aging process. Between underkill and overkill–We choose overkill!

Herb Quality:
Sourced indigenously, our geo-authentic herbs are sulfur-free and lab-tested for potency. We stock the freshest, highest quality herbs for dit da jow. For all pre-made dit da jow, we employ traditional Pao Zhi to soak, fry, cook/calcine various herbs for maximum function and extraction.

Solvent Quality:
Most dit da jow is made with cheap skin-irritant rubbing alcohol, or store-bought Vodka containing artificial flavoring and impurities that decrease jow purity. Plum Dragon Herbs’ dit da jow is made with the proper proof organic pharmaceutical-grade neutral grain spirits, independently certified to meet stringent US Pharmacopeia standards: What you buy is pure, potent and NATURAL!

No Plastic:
Other products are made, stored, and bottled in plastic. Dit da jow solvent dissolves fragile plastic over time, polluting the liniment with toxic material! Plum Dragon Herb’s dit da jow is mixed, aged, and bottled with a safety seal in safe, long-lasting amber-tinted glass.

This has become a popular facet of Plum Dragon. Each bottle of Plum Dragon Herbs’ dit da jow has a dropper for easy application; no more spills or messes. Because of its liquid nature, you’ll wonder how you ever applied dit da jow without one!

Warning: For EXTERNAL use only. Do NOT apply to open wounds or cuts, eyes or mouth at any time.

Below are some pointers that will ensure your pre-BOTTLED Jow maintains potency, as well as help you maximize its effectiveness:
  • A fine herbal sediment should be visible on the bottom of your bottle of Dit Da Jow.
  • Before each use, make sure to shake up your Dit Da Jow to place this herbal sediment into suspension.
  • Store in a dark place at room temperature. Some ingredients can break down with excessive exposure to UV light or extreme temperatures.
  • Shake before use.